Everybody’s familiar with the Grand Canyon. It’s an exciting traveling destination. But for those that want a more unique experience, check out these brilliantly hidden Arizona spots.


If there’s one thing tourist love it’s taking pictures. And this slot canyon is notorious for being on a photographer’s bucket list. It lies in the Navajo Nation, and the view is stunning. You do need a guide to see the place – but they offer a variety to meet everyone’s preferences.


Archeologists aren’t the only ones to see fossilized flora and fauna in their natural setting. Just take another visit to the Navajo Nation to see this fascinating national park. It has quite an interesting insight into the ecology and geology of Arizona that tourists can admire as they follow the marked paths.


For all you Wild West fans is a valley that draws a border between Arizona and Utah. It looks like it jumped right out of a cowboy movie. The valley itself doesn’t have much going on, but near it are some monuments to check out as you’re going down the dirt road: The Mittens, Three Sisters, and Ear of the Wind to name a few.


This fall location is 100 beautiful feet of gushing bluish-green water. A forked fall creates double the viewing pleasure. Carved into the travertine rocks are little basins that form bathing pools. Connected to the water are Havasupai Indians that sustain on their modest farming and are dependent on the tourist trade.


Originally a mining town, Jerome is now a center for interesting stores and restaurants. However, despite all the renovations, many of the buildings still stand in ruins. But don’t let that get you down. It’s an interesting trip to see the Sliding Jail that was built-in 1928. Built on clay slick, it began to slide and is now 2,500 feet down the mountainside.

Next time you’re in Arizona (or looking for a new vacation destination in general) forget the Grand Canyon and check out these places instead. When you do, contact us for a vacation rental that will make your stay all the more enjoyable.