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About Us

The REBL Rentals Mission Statement

REBL Rentals Mission Statement for Guests

To redefine vacation and corporate rentals: We don’t book homes, we book experiences…

REBL Rentals Mission Statement for Clients

To redefine vacation and corporate rental experiences by maximizing value through concierge services.

REBL Rentals Vision Statement

To enable others globally to prosper in the emerging vacation rental market!


About Me

I’m Leslie Sonnier, the owner of REBL Rentals! I have traveled to fifteen various countries all over the world and have experienced first-hand what it’s like to vacation out of someone’s private home. My career has flourished throughout the hospitality industry over the years. I was deeply inspired to start my own vacation rental home business after I retreated to Bali and Thailand for two months and made the decision to utilize my personal home as a vacation hotspot for visitors. Income was quickly increasing as friends and family soon became intrigued and requested I manage their domestic homes as vacation rentals as well. My knowledge and skill set thrived tremendously turning my unique part-time business into full time.