Don’t forget to make necessary accommodations the team will require to have a smooth travel experience! When you’re traveling with a team, it’s easier to pool your resources and plan ahead in order to get the most out of your vacation. As for accommodations, REBL Rentals offers premium house rentals for multiple group sizes, so that you can chill while basking in the Arizona sun. If you do decide to travel with a group, keep these dos and don’ts in mind when planning your vacation.


Do Prepare in Advance. Make sure you’ve mutually agreed upon where and when you want to travel beforehand. Discuss each day’s itinerary and map out your routes prior to traveling so that everyone is aware of the schedule and sticks to it.

Do Divide Costs. Money is always a concern when traveling. First, calculate how much the trip will cost, from food to activities to accommodations. Then, decide what percentage each group member can afford. Or assign each group member a particular expense. For instance, one member could be responsible for a tour, one for a night’s rental, one for a dinner. That leaves each member accountable for separate costs which can be easier to monitor.

Do Allow for Solo Excursions. Being in a group doesn’t leave you much time for solo exploration. When planning your trip, invite each member to designate free time away from the group so that everyone can make the most out of their vacation by visiting places that interest them.


Don’t Forget to Assign a Leader. In order to obtain a good group dynamic, it’s necessary to have good leadership. You’ll want to choose someone who can organize the trip well, keep everyone in line, balance costs, and be flexible with schedules. Have the group vote upon this person rather than selecting randomly or else your trip may suffer from poor management.

Don’t Be Indecisive. If no one can make up their mind where they want to go, this can prove challenging as Geoffrey Morrison proves in Forbes’ 10 Tips For Traveling with Friends. He suggests making it known that you’re okay with making the decisions when needed. Otherwise, your group may become annoyed and start making decisions without you.

Don’t Change the Schedule at the Last Minute. There are times when you’ll want to check out a place you hadn’t originally planned on seeing. That’s okay! Just make sure you’ve told everyone ahead of time. Waiting until the last minute to change the schedule is frustrating and can sour an otherwise enjoyable trip.

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