In fact, when done correctly, traveling with a large group is an exciting and rewarding experience. Here are a few proven techniques to save money and time and help you avoid a headache…


Don’t waste money booking multiple hotel rooms. Hotel rooms are expensive, cramped, and boring. Not to mention, you never know for sure if your room will be near a noisy elevator or have a horrible view. There are better options!

Do rent a house with enough space. Find a place that feels like home because it is someone’s home. In a home rental, you gain more space and amenities like a kitchen and backyard to use during your trip. You can also choose the perfect location, layout, and amenities for your group.


Don’t expect people to think about group dynamics. It’s hard to get the day started when five people are waiting to take a shower. Failing to consider how people will work together to use shared spaces can spoil any event.

Do remind people to consider others. We don’t always think about how our actions impact others. Simple acts of thoughtfulness such as taking your shower at night to ease the morning rush, or limiting the space you use in the refrigerator ensures that everyone’s needs are met. Communicate these reminders frequently.


Don’t force people to stick together. No matter how many team-building activities you plan, people will break into mini-groups or spend time alone. If the area doesn’t have reliable public or shared transportation, opt for multiple cars so that people can enjoy the vacation destination in smaller groups.

Do offer a variety of activities. From movies to books to board games, provide plenty of ways for people to engage each other or spend time alone. A rental with lots of open spaces, indoors and outdoors, ensures that folks have plenty of places to read a book, have a quiet chat, or just savor solo time.

Large group trips are a wonderful way to explore a new place and create lasting memories. With these tips, you’ll enjoy a stress-free and fun vacation. Reserve your home rental and start planning today!