Vacationers, you have been fooled into believing that a hotel/motel is the only choice when away from home, but what you don’t realize is the benefits you gain by canceling that hotel reservation and finding a vacation rental instead. First, most vacation rentals come out cheaper than hotels, because they’re usually farther away from tourist-heavy areas; this means that you save more and get more out of your living arrangements. Second, rentals mean privacy, and not just because you’re not crowded into one building with a hundred other people. With a vacation rental, you have more space, and more room to move around and have alone time if needed.

While on vacation it’s the perfect time to have a party or get together with all of your closest friends and relatives, or new friends you may meet. And you can’t do that in a hotel/motel. With a vacation rental, you have more hosting ability, with the added benefit of every convenience being provided. Full amenities mean there’s no need to worry about buying enough coolers to store drinks or buying enough plates and napkins to serve everybody at once. Vacation rentals come fully stocked with everything except the food, ensuring your vacation is hassle-free and relaxing.

As an added bonus, vacation rentals allow for the freedom to follow your schedule, instead of the hotel/motel’s schedule. No more waking up at the crack of dawn on vacation to make it in time for that disappointing continental breakfast. With a rental, you can get up and go at your leisure, without worrying about housekeeping disturbing your day.

So when you start planning your next vacation, skip the hotel/motel and make the smart choice. Vacations rentals are all pro and no con, and will save you money along the way. If you’re ready to start looking, contact us to find the best fit for your rental needs.